Monday, September 10, 2012

My 2nd 5k! and other stuff :)

                                                     Please ignore my "breathing face" lol

I ran my 2nd 5k this past weekend! It was called Sherry's Run, for anyone who wants to look it up! It was amazing seeing all the people there in Honor and Memory of those we have lost to cancer. We had a balloon release right as it was time for the run to begin! What a beautiful site! There were over 3800 participants known of that day. I am not sure what the final count is. I did pretty good. I was and still am a little disappointed with my self which is crazy!!! My time was 43.47 which is 29 seconds FASTER than my first 5k time!! What I am upset about is the fact that I had a a BAD side stitch hit me at the beginning of the final mile. I tried to push through it but had to finally stop and walk some. I walked and jogged for about half a mile and then ran the last .6 . I was determined to finish it running! That being said i actually had a awesome finishing time! I was shocked that my time was still so good! I think it would definitely have been under 42 minutes if I wouldn't have had to stop. But stopping and walking some and still finishing is better than not stopping and ending up on the side of the road in pain not finishing at all! :) Anyways I am looking forward to my next 5k in October. As of right now I am only doing one that month but the week before The Color Run,the one I am doing! :), they are having a breast cancer walk/run and I am seriously considering running in that one as well! I have ALWAYS wanted to do a breast cancer 5k. My grandmother had breast cancer and beat it I must add! So I have always wanted to do one that supports the cure!

In other semi related news.. I have officially applied for college and financial aid! I am waiting now to get my acceptance letter and info in the mail! Hopefully it is delivered soon! I was told it would be this week! So I am on edge!!!! I am absolutely thrilled to start this new journey in my life that not only will help with the one I am on but will let me help others began and hopefully succeed through theirs!

Oh and since I haven't updated since my weigh in.. I lost another pound last week! Grand total of 52.4 pounds gone!! :) 

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  1. Hey Jenna! I just saw the comment you posted on my blog and I have to say thanks! And also wanted to say GREAT JOB on the lbs lost - you are truly an inspiration to me!!!!!